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There are many reasons to be interested in vintage watches, not least of which is perhaps our current zeitgeist. Today, when holding for example a Rolex GMT from the 70s in one's hands, one is magically transported back to a time when travelling by air was a rare luxury and unforgettable experience, when one couldn't simply track one's progression through several time zones on a smartphone screen. Those were times when the wristwatch represented a tool of integral importance to the workings of modern life, an era when time was more present to many, and specific moments and experiences were more carefully observed, and reality not masked by the digital. The timekeepers from this era remind us in the midst of our bustling and stress-stained lives to (re)collect ourselves, to breathe deeply, and to be aware of our present. Not to miss the many moments that make up our memories.
Another reason for our fascination could be the fact that these mechanical wonders have stoically ticked on through decades and have not only survived, but documented countless of these moments. And thus, according to the Japanese principle of Wabi Sabi, they turn into pieces of stunning beauty over the years. Like faded Tritium luminescent indexes, Tropical Dials only come into being over many years of slow change in very specific conditions. And during these transformative years, rich with experiences, these timekeepers become utterly unique objects with their very own soul, each telling its own extraordinary story.



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