Professional measuring devices boast some of the most precise and therefore the most sensitive inner workings in the world of mechanical devices. One watch manufacturer has nevertheless taken on the challenge of matching the highest possible accuracy and reliability with equally high robustness and resistance.
Since 1860 Officine Panerai has dedicated itself to the invention of diving instruments which are equally suitable to the needs and challenges of daily life as they are to the professional diving environment for which they were first designed. The result is a watch model in the iconic Italian style, whose unique aesthetic identity nevertheless sets it apart from other brands.
Today these watches are made by a Swiss manufacturer on the shores of lake Neuenburger, according to the highest standards of production.
Whether you go swimming in Lago Maggiore, hiking in the valleys of Tessin, or traveling around the globe, these watches will continue to withstand the batterings and elements that assail them on your journey, never missing a beat.

Onto whichever road your adventure happens to steer you, the Panerai watch on your wrist will prove a true and dependable companion.